My Experience with Creating a Scenario-based Course: Part 1

Via Scoop.itCommunities of Practice about New Learning Environments

Article about simulated experience and scenario-based courses. The author shares the experience of developing a course.    The first step was to gather content needed to flesh out the scenario by interviewing people. This scenario is about training employees on customer issues and efficient service. However, the ideas here can help with any training or coaching model.   Questions they asked:   > Which questions do you need to ask the customer?
> What would be the best possible resolution for the issue?   Then the next problem was to identify the most frequent problems reported by customers and severity of the issues.   After identifying the problem, then brainstorm the questions customer service needs to ask the customer to provide the right solution. Then discuss the correct resolution that needs to be provided to the customer.    These ideas can be adapted for any field including education.

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